Wooden Kitchen Tools

Have you heard about the new Chef Sous ?   It’s the ultimate wooden kitchen tool to have in your kitchen.  If you’re a chef and cooking is
your life then you need to treat yourself to one of these beautifully hand crafted wooden chef’s tools.

The Chef Sous is hand crafted from myrtle wood by Mike Conery a gifted artisan located on the Southern Oregon Coast. Mike skillfully carves the perfect shape of the paddle for cooking as well as the handle for left handed and right handed users.

The result is a wooden kitchen tool like no one has ever seen or used , fits like a glove and adds warmth and beauty to anyone’s kitchen at home or restaurant.

Because myrtle wood is so very dense it handles moisture and heat very well , while at the same time does not conduct heat, so it’s never hot to the touch.

Another added feature is that wooden kitchen tools are extremely strong and don’t break or bend like plastic, silicone or metal.

And of course unlike most modern materials with the Chef Sous you can scrape heartily to get all the food off the bottom and sides of pots and pans without scratching your cookware.

So Order Your Chef Sous Today and continue the rich heritage of hand crafted wooden cooking utensils in your kitchen !