Wooden Chef’s Tool

The Chef Sous is the ultimate wooden chef’s tool to have in your commercial kitchen or your home. Hand Crafted from myrtle wood , these durable wooden cooking utensils are the perfect shape with left handed and right handed versions available.

Myrtle wood is very dense so it handles moisture and heat very well while at the same time does not conduct heat so it’s always safe to handle.

Another feature wood provides is warmth in the kitchen. Among all of the high tech cookware and utensils the Chef Sous wooden chef’s tools are beautiful , each one having a unique grain pattern and coloring. Wooden kitchen tools are rugged and if properly cared for can last for generations.

Did you know that Chef’s all over the world recommend using a wooden kitchen tool when cooking with heated sugars? Because wood does not store heat it won’t create rapid temperature changes and cause crystallization like metal spoons can.

So Order your Chef Sous Today and continue the rich heritage of hand crafted wooden cooking utensils in your kitchen !