About Chef Sous

Hello Everyone!

Mike Conery here, the creator of the Chef Sous , the “Ultimate Chef’s Tool”

I had been building custom furniture and cabinets for the last 29 years when a chef friend of mine came to me with a problem.

He couldn’t find a wooden kitchen tool that was the perfect shape for cooking in a wide range of pans,pots and even woks!

So my friend drew a shape on a piece of paper and gave it to me to flesh out in three dimensions in my workshop. With a passion for woodworking and my appreciation for the culinary arts… the “Chef Sous” was born!

Chef Sous is the ultimate chef’s tool that is handcrafted in beautiful myrtle wood and sculpted in right and left-hand versions for a positive grip everybody will appreciate.

Every one who has tried the Chef Sous wants it and everyone who has one loves it… it’s the perfect shape!

Mike Conery
Founder of Chef Sous


Chef Sous… the Ultimate Chef’s Tool !