Handmade Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Are you looking for the best Handmade Wooden Kitchen Utensils available for your restaurant or home kitchen ?

Then let us introduce you to the  Chef Sous… a one of kind wooden chef’s tool that is hand crafted from myrtle wood
found on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast

Oregon artisan Mike Conery has developed a Wooden Kitchen Utensils with the perfect shape for all types of cooking.

We even offer versions available for both left and right hand users , this wooden kitchen tool fits the users hand like a glove.

Not only is the Chef Sous light weight and comfortable to use, it’s also made of myrtle wood which is very dense
making it ideal for cooking , mixing and spreading.

Did you know Myrtlewood handles moisture and heat very well,  while at the same time does not act as conductor… so it’s never hot to touch.

Another advantage is that the Chef Sous wont’ harm modern materials such as Teflon and other expensive cookware that is vulnerable to scratching by metal and even plastic cooking utensils.

So order your Chef Sous today and add some beauty to you kitchen with one of our beautifully hand crafted works of art the Chef Sous … the Ultimate Chefs Tool.